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Welcome! Hello! and all that kind of stuff!

Well, I have been told that my friends don't realize I'm updating my sub-pages and so I should change my message.  The stuff that get's updated the most are my race reports and statistics (usually within a few days of a race).  I also occasionally update the Health and running page to provide an overall summary of how things are going.

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Health and Running

From August 2001 to May 2002 I kept a detailed training journal as part of the PWC4 activities.  Toronto Penguin Glenn Gabriel included these journals in his weekly newsletter and has archived them on this website.  While I'm not a running stud or anything, the journals are a good way to see how I train, how we deal with injuries and what kind of taper, race, recovery cycle my coach puts me through.

Well... that's my story for now. I'll be sure to add any news as it becomes available. Thanks for dropping by!