Welcome and hello from Carlene and Andre Paquette!

New toys for Andre and Carlene:  A bike and a telescope!


In case you were wondering, 
here's what we look like 
when we're cleaned up

(Catena Christmas Party,
December 2000)


If you need to reach us our email addresses are as follows:

Andre at home:       andre@paquettefamily.ca
Andre at work:       andre@astrogeeks.com
Carlene at home:      carlene@paquettefamily.ca
Carlene at work:      cpaquett@ciena.com

History of happenings:

September 2002:  Cottage Vacation
June 2002:  Godparents to Devon Spencer Williams
June 2002:  Baptism of Jenna and Alexa
June 2002:  Visit with Baby Pierre and family
March 2002:  Nephew Pierre Daniel Paquette is born
October 2001:  Halloween Fun

More-or-less current versions of our resumés can be found under:
Carlene's Resume (Last updated December 2014)

On to more interesting things...

Carlene has her own web pages that you can view. Andre used to have his own web pages, but they are so out of date that he finally broke down and removed them.

We still have a few things in common and have included some of them on this page.  These include:

Rocks and Minerals

Ah yes, we love our rock collecting.  Carlene is into fossils, crystals, and just about any rock or mineral that catches the eye.  I'm into more esoteric things, like fluorescent minerals, radioactive minerals, metallic ores and such.
Every so often, we take a trip specifically to collect rocks.  Some common destinations include Bancroft, Quadesville, Wilberforce, Bear Lake, Temagami, Cobalt, and New Liskeard.

In the summer of 2001 we vacationed in Harcourt and stayed at the Martinwood.  We weren't too far from Bancroft and  Wilberforce area and attended the Rockhound Gemboree for the first time.  We bought a few specimens and we also did some rock collecting at Bear Lake and had fun digging and sifting for crystals.  The best meal we had during the entire vacation was at the Brides Gate Inn.  It was a very nice place.

Some interesting specimens we have found:

I also have a fairly decent collection of fluorescent minerals and radioactive minerals, most of which I purchased or were given to me.  I have a geiger counter that I purchased at a surplus store in Toronto and I have several UV lights of varying wavelength.

For those of you in Ottawa, we have found a few sites worth visiting:

Here is a nice Rock and Mineral site worth visiting:  Mineral Gallery

Can you say, "Crystal Envy"?

Computer Games

Instead of watching TV, we often play video games.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Babylon 5
Babylon 5 is currently #1 on our Sci-Fi TV List. 
For those interested, we have all of the episodes on tape. 
Here are some useful links: 

B5 Canadian Home Page + CFMT Schedule
B5 Episode Guide

Family and Friends

Julia, Steve, Tyler, Devon, and Andrew Williams

Jason Bellchamber