Devon Spencer Williams

Born January 24, 2002

Baptized June 2, 2002

Here are some pics from the baptism and gathering afterwards.

Devon getting dressed


Being a good baby during church


Tyler playing with his new train Bertram (Bertie)


Devon out like a light after the service

The proud mom 
(notice how warm she looks - 
it was HOT in that church)

The family with Bishop Peter


Tim and Devon showing off the beautiful dress

Another great photo showing how beautiful Devon is


Tyler and Aidan had a great time playing with the binoculars


Another shot of the binocular fun (they played with them for quite a while)


The happy family 
(although Devon looks ready for a nap)

Here we are being proud godparents


Finally, here is a shot of the group of us 
(Devon is busy looking at Uncle Tim 
who is on the floor entertaining him)